my ringneck feathers

by rovena
(south africa,durban)

Hi der.jst wud love to knw hw to bath dem n wat type of shampoo to use to bath dem.I ve a 6months old blue ringneck n da colour of hs feathers hve been faded I notice.y is dat happenin n am I'm doin sumthing wrng.thx Rovena

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Mar 31, 2013
bathing ringnecks
by: Alex

There are bird shampoos out there, however they are actually bad for the bird, just like most supplements and medicines sold at pets stores. They are there for profit and nothing more.

Birds just need plain water to bathe in. Some like to be sprayed and some like having a proper shower with you. Some don't like to bathe at all.

The colour fade is most likely down to malnutrition. This is a wide scale problem with pet birds.

Mar 30, 2013
Ringneck feathers look faded
by: Tracie

There are some "bird shampoos" but most likely your bird is lacking the proper nutrition or is ill.

You should be feeding high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush for the majority of the diet, and no more than 30% seeds and healthy treats.

Feeding seeds and veggies or human food doesn't insure they are getting all their nutritional needs met. The bird will choose to eat what it likes and leave the rest. If you only feed pellets in the morning and don't add the seeds and treats until they have eaten most of their pellets, then you will insure the bird is eating properly.

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