my ringneck parrot shos signs of flu

by Karin
(eastern cape south africa)

I have a green ringneck parrot he shows symptoms of flu. he will hold his head up and swallow a few times. it also seems that he is getting cold. he had not yet lost his appetite. it seems that his nose is blocked up but there are no visible signs just noises he makes. please help me. i live in south africa. seems nobody can help me he is been like this for 2 weeks now. we don't have an avain vet nearby. our local vet doesn't know what to do....
hope you can help me.....Thanking you in advance

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Jul 03, 2009
parrot pulling hair out
by: Anonymous

i have a ringneck parrot and he pull his hair out and i don,t no why plz help

Editors note: You posted a question in reply to someone elses question. Please post questions under Parrot Questions so that people will see your question. In answer to your question, you need to take your bird to an avian vet.

May 22, 2009
Ringneck possible infection
by: The Vet

If your bird has a respiratory infection the only thing that is going to help him is antibiotics, which you will need to get from a veterinarian. Your veterinarian needs to do some diagnostics such as blood work and cultures to figure out why your bird is sick. At home you can provide general supportive care by providing heat from a heating pad if your bird is fluffed and cold. You should make sure that he is eating and drinking and having normal droppings.

Dr B

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