my rosey bourke has no tail

by brandy wolford
(holiday fl)

My rosey bourke never grew a tail or wings and she has very few feathers. we have had her almost a year and got her as a baby. went back to the person we bought her from they gave us a medicine to put in her water and it is not helpin. she sings and does not seem to be in pain, she eats very well. she also has a leg that is bigger then the other on so she can not perch, the breeder said to bring her back and they would give us a new one but we are afraid they will kill her. is she just deformed or is there something we can give her in her diet that she is missing? we are feeding her zupreem fruit blend and we give her millet>

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Apr 04, 2011
Bourke deformities
by: The Avian Vet

Stop putting medication into the water this is not going to help ever with anything and in fact can lead to illness. Your bird may have deformities, potentially associated with the hand feeding process or the diet. You need to go see an avian veterinarian. A breeder is not qualified to diagnose and treat disease.

I recommend feeding pellets, but you should feed a better quality pellet than ZuPreem. It has artificial colors, preservative, flavors, and it has lots of table sugar, none of which are healthy for birds. You should use Harrison's or Roudybush. The millet is an OK treat, but don?t feed more than 1/3 of a spray at a time.

Dr B
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