my rump is figting badly

by mansoor

i have a red opaline rump pair..they have always been living together...few days before i saw dat female was sitting on male in situation of crossing(courtship)..after 2 days male was crossing to a days male is feeding to female too much..and during da feeding or after da feeding male be a agressive and fighting badly with they have injured to eachother and remove da hairs from heads both of themm....female is going in da box consistently...y they r agressive...i have dis pair for da last 2 months..before this they never fight to each other...

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Dec 12, 2012
my rump is figting badly
by: Linda

Remove the male to a separate cage immediately because they may kill each other or one will kill the other. Do not use this pair again for breeding. Leave the hen in cage with nest box to see if she lays eggs and sits on them. Keep male's cage where she can see him.

The male does not feed the babies, and only the hen does the feeding. You may need to know how to handfeed baby birds using baby parrot handfeeding formula using a syringe or spoon. If you do not know how to do this, then get with a breeder in your area and learn before any babies hatch. If the mother abandons them, and this is possible since this has been such a bad situation for her, you will either feed the babies or watch them die. Handfeeding is a learned skill, and you can kill babies if you do not know how to do it correctly, so find out.

Do not put this pair back together ever.

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