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May 17, 2018
Sharing my experience
by: Hostans

Me and my wife both are bird lovers, we bought a baby Green ring neck Indian parrot from Sharjah bird market in U A E around 3 years back, and after 1 1/2 year he become a smart and intelligent male parrot and we named as "Mithu" he was so cute and become our family member.
He had a full freedom in our two bed room flat, only sleeping he goes to his cage otherwise all the time either he will be with my wife, with my son / daughter and when I come back from office he will be with me.
One day we took a decision that like us he also need a female partner, that decision become a worst decision in his life as well as in our life. We bought a baby parrot from the bird market, after couple of weeks new feathers started to grow, suddenly she/he started to pluck out her (we named as Minu") feathers one by one started with tail feathers and become bold, mean time my Mithu was feeding him and taking good care of the baby parrot.
After few days the same habit is started by Mithu and he also become like the photo of your bird, it was a terrible / sad situation for us, I had taken both of them to couple of clinics and given different type of medicine. Most the doctors use to pluck out worn out and weak feathers and give vitamin injunction and vitamin syrup for in take, for Minu these treatment was not effective and after few months we lost Minu, but for Mithu twice feathers are started to grow but again he started to pluck same as before, recently during my vacation to India I met with a veterinary doctor and shown his present photos and told all stories, he prescribed " Ivermectin injunction I.P.1% W/V and two type of Multivitamin syrup for intake.
He told me to take two or 4 drops of Ivermectin in a spoon and mix with equal quantity of water and then with a long feather need to apply on full body except near eyes and it has to be continued for 15 days once in a day and then give interval for 15 days and then if necessary shall continue for 15 days.
Two drops of multi vitamins ( Vengro drops & Vimeral) have to give twice in a day through a filler. Multivitamins are to grow new feathers. As per doctor this illness is due to some sort of mites which is spread all over the body and which cause terrible itching and tendency to pluck the feathers!!.
After one month of treatment now Mithu is getting new feathers and he is not plucking a single feathers.
Thanks for the right medicine and pray to God to see him back to his old life.
Hope if this medication helps to any of your parrots I will be the most happiest person.

Nov 24, 2017
by: Anonymous

Your ring neck is jealous, you say you got married. Spend more time with her, play games give her toys yo play with. Over time she will be fine.

May 11, 2010
Veterinary From Jordan
by: Dr. Nassem Naimi

I am Dr.Nassem Naimi From Jordan (Best Friend Veterinary Clinic),

This issue need a long season to discuss possible reasons.

Parrots are clever Creatures and they get bored soon, and getting bored for so long will result in psychological disease. also stress will do the same.

As you mentioned that your Indian ring neck parrot is aggressive which will show us behavioral problem.

For now try to put toys in his cage when you are out keep the Radio on, and when you are at home just let him see you moving around, if you can't spend long time with him you may think about getting a special parrot Mirror so he can entertainer himself.

give him 12 hour of sleep every day which can be achieved by covering the cage (but don't forget to allow him a space to breath).

Jul 23, 2009
shes stressed
by: Anonymous

its probably stress she could be laying or molting,my suggestion is that if you can find one get her a stress supplement (like organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor) that always helps my parakeet good luck

Sep 25, 2008
Feather plucking Indian Ringneck Parakeet
by: Tracie

I am so sorry for you and your bird.

Sometimes there is not a medical reason for plucking and the bird just enjoys plucking.

Make sure you are feeding your bird a healthy diet free of artificial ingredients in case there is an allergy. Providing foraging activities and plenty of toys to chew and shred can help also.

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