My Sun Conure Died

My sun Conure recently passed away this morning. We bought him from petco 8 months ago and when he bought him he had a "cold" and had to to take him back. they gave him meds. We took him to the vet like every two months since then just to make sure he was fine. ( over protective mom) He started to sneeze, and ruffled his feathers, but the vet tested his throat, and fecal. Everything was fine. He did not show any signs of being sick, and when i woke up this morning i found him on the bottom of the cage just lying there. Im just trying to figure out what went wrong.


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Aug 07, 2008
Conure death
by: The Vet

You should take him for a necropsy (autopsy). That is the only way to find out what happened.

Dr B

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