My sun conure hates me

by janet
(winchester, va.)

My sun conure hates me. we got her about 2 1/2 years ago as a baby and she loved me. Over time though, she has gotten very nasty with me and attached herself to my husband. During the day if I am home and my husband is at work she screams constantly. Is there any way of making her like me again or at least be quiet"?!?!

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Sep 05, 2011
Conures biting
by: Cristofer

Hello, I don't know how old this post is but I had a question and some input.

I noticed that you said your conure is a female, that you are a female, and the bird chose your husband as its favorite.

Birds are generally known to bond best with the opposite sex. This isn't always the case, however there are cases like this one where the bird is likely favoring your husband over you because your husband is the opposite sex of the bird.

Also @ Tracie's reply, you said the same situation happened but you didn't clarify the sex of your birds. Do you happen to have two female conures? If so, I think the bonding to your husband problem could be for the same reason.

Editor's note: Our avian vet, with over 30 years experience, says gender has nothing to do with it as best he can tell.

Sep 02, 2011
Conure started biting
by: Tracie

I totally understand your pain. My two conures did the same thing to me. Here I am the one that sat next to them all day, fed them etc. and then suddenly they hated me and loved my husband and mostly tolerated my daughter. I took it hard too.

With my husband's help, things DID get better. I never became their favorite again, but they did tolerate me and would sit on me and play with toys.

Please read my "Answer for biting GC conure" story on my Parrot Training page for more information on how we did this. (Way too long to post here and redundant.)

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