My sun conure is lethargic after a fall

by Nicholas McDowell

My Sun Conure recently fell off of her play rope and hit the floor. in doing so she developed a blood feather. We tended to the matter. in fact Ricky Bird pulled the feather out herself. Bleeding was very minimal and she appeared to be ok.

Day after her injury we noticed her becoming listless and quiet! her eyes are clear, her droppings are formed and her appetite is normal. she just seems very tired and not wanting to move too fast.

I thought she might be bleeding into her skin or under her feathers, but that seems not to be the case. She has no discharge from anywhere.

I am wondering if she might have banged up her insides since her screeching is just a minimal chirp although he breathing is not labored.

OR could she have possibly injured her wings and is just protecting her self from further injury? She is a loving bird and will be two in March of 2009.

She is cuddling more than usual. I am concerned. I live in the Philippines and so avian vets are few and far between. So I am attempting to nurse her to health.

Do you have any suggestions as far as wing injuries and how long it takes to recover?

Thanks Nicholas McDowell

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Aug 22, 2008
Lethargic bird
by: The Vet

There could be a number of problems with your bird. The signs you describe are those of a sick bird - listless, quiet, more cuddly. This could be related to the pain of pulling a blood feather. It could be that she feels badly because of a combination of this stress and the stress of molting (she is molting because she has new feathers (blood feathers)).

It is also possible that she injured herself from the fall. I am most concerned about the falling. It is not normal for birds to fall. I suspect that she has a bad wing clip which causes her to lose her balance. She may also have the incorrect size of perches and cannot hold on. But, the falling could be related to a poor diet. If she is not eating pellets, then she could have a calcium deficiency, which will cause her to lose her balance and fall.

Your bird is definitely sick injured, or at least not feeling well. You should find and avian veterinarian that can diagnose and treat her. In the meantime, put a heating pad on her cage to get the temperature up to 90-95 degrees F. This will help to stabilize her until you can get treatment. Also, keep her on lower perches and move the food and water lower in the cage so she does not fall in the cage. Do not let her on top of the cage or ride on your shoulder to prevent other falls.

Dr B

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