My Sun Conure Sighs

by Amanda
(C'Dale, IL)

My 2 year old male sun conure makes slow, exaggerated, sigh-like noises on occasion since I've owned him (about 1.5 years). He'll exhale like this a few times a minute, but he doesn't seem to have difficulty breathing. Even after flying around or playing. It's also increased in frequency since the weather changed. I have a vet visit scheduled just in case but I was wondering if this is a conure thing or if it's due to the air quality/humidity in the apartment.

I found a video of another sun conure making this same noise. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

-Amanda and Chirp

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Dec 06, 2010
Conure sighing
by: The Avian Vet

The noise in the video sounds to me like he is mimicking something. I do not know what your bird is doing, so, I would recommend that you keep your vet appointment.

Dr B

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