My Sun Conure

by Linn

We have a 5 Year Old Sun Conure named Cheerio. We purchased him through a local pet store and at the same time purchased his cage mate a green quaker parrot we named Pretty Bird, both were very young at time of purchase.

My problem is that my Sun Conure has lost his feathers around his neck and I noticed 2 spots on the top of his head that looked "plucked"....I am thinking Pretty Bird is doing this as that bird is EXTREMELY protective. Cheerio is not acting ill and Cheerio was checked out by our avian vet when we purchased him but not since. The quaker is not a friendly bird with anyone but my husband where as the sun conure loves me (I am home all day with them both)and will "snip" at anyone else if he is not in the mood.

Could the quaker be inflicting these issues upon the sun conure? They have a very large cage, but I do have a smaller cage that I can put the quaker in if needed.

Thank you so much for any help/direction you can give!


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Feb 04, 2011
My Sun Conure
by: Linda

Neither of these species of birds need to be caged together. Remove the Quaker into another cage because birds sometimes won't do the plucking if you are watching. I've had extensive experience with this with my Amazon pair. She would only pull his feathers out if I was not looking, so we had to get them a large cage with a divider in the middle so they can be together but not so close together for her to hurt him.

If the feathers keep disapearing even after birds are separated then take both of them to Avian Vet. Birds need to be examined by avian vet once a year to make sure all is well.


Feb 03, 2011
Sun Conure maybe getting plucked
by: Tracie

If feathers are missing where the bird can not reach, then it either has a disease or the other bird is plucking it.

If it were me, I would sit far from the cage and do nothing but watch for as long as it takes to see if the other bird is plucking it. (This would save a vet bill to have the plucked bird checked out for disease right away.)

If you don't see the bird plucking the other bird, then you need to take BOTH birds in to be checked. If your birds have not been vaccinated, then you can bring home a disease without them ever leaving home. Birds should be seen by an avian vet every year for an exam and vaccinations.

Thanks for writing!

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