My Sun Conure's Head Bobbing...

by Julie

Hi ~ My seven-month-old sun conure sometimes bobs his/her (we don't know which) head up & down almost like he's dancing. While doing this, he makes a noise that sounds like he is laughing. He does this while I hold him and also while he is in his cage. Can someone please tell me what this means? Thanks for any answers...Julie

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Mar 08, 2010
my loving conure bobs his head andswayswen i put musi on
by: sharon

i have just bought 2 conures boy and girl my boy talks asks for a kiss we havent herd any thing from the female yet i only add them 2 days with my ringneckhe asnt madeany noises either is the problem due to them being transported from 1 place to another

Mar 07, 2010
My parakeet did that right now!
by: Christian

I was at my computer and my bird made a little squeck sound. I looked, and she was bobbing her head and making the squecky noise! Is that normal for a parakeet to do that?

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Jan 09, 2010
my Sun Conure's Head Bobbing
by: Dani

Sounds like a happy little guy to me. My little sunday hybrid does this all the time. He bobs and giggles when he is playing, when I sing to him and when he is ready to go to bed. This seems to be a form of affection and contentment for these guys, unlike the sway warning of some other species. I have never been bitten nor experienced an adverse reaction from him while he is doing this.

Dec 15, 2009
head bobbing
by: Lori

Sounds like a normal happy sun conure. I have a 3 year old sun conure. Everytime we talk to him he bobs his head up and down and he also makes the little chuckling noises especially when he's playing by himself. When we have company we ask the Willy yes or no questions and he bobs his head up and down like he's answering yes. They always think he's trained to do this. However because he's a baby you should get him checked out and established with a avian vet.

Dec 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

my sun conure does that too!!! he does that when he in eating. and he opens his mouth when he does that. PLZ HELP US EVERYONE!!

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