My Sweet Little Lovers - Blue Crown Conure Story

by shirley martin
(collins, ms usa)

Blue Crown Conure

Blue Crown Conure

Blue Crown Conure

This is a story about my Blue-crown conures, Reno(male) and Sammie (female). I have had them for about five years now and I never cease to be amazed with just how smart these little feathered friends are.

When I first got them they really didn't talk but when they found out they could, they have gone none stop.What amazes me so much is that they actually know what their talking about. Sammie has always liked other birds babies. She would give them kisses and say,Oh! that's good sugar!" Reno just like to look and not touch them.

They have never shown any signs of mating,so I didn't push it. I would tell them sometime to get mama a baby and they would look in their nestbox and say,"get mama a baby!". Well to my surprise, we have got our first egg and they are proud parents. What just really blew my mind was the way they talk to each other when they are in the nestbox together. I was finishing up some cleaning in the aviary and everyone was going nite-nite. I noticed Reno had followed her into the nestbox and was talking real softly to her. I got close enough to listen and heard, Gimme some sugar,(followed by smacking sounds). Then it was,"Gimme a kiss!" (with more smacks) next was,I love you,followed by, I love you too!

Can't nobody ever convince me that birds aren't one of God's smartest creatures!

I will end my story with what they said as I was leaving the aviary. Sammie said, "Don't pull my hair!"

They call their feathers hair because I had told them not to pull mama's hair. When I trim their wings, Reno told me that,"mama cut my hair!"

Every day is a new adventure. I can't wait to see how they act with their new babies!!

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Dec 15, 2015
just got one whose former owners called her "Polly"
by: Kathy

she is the most adorable, sweet baby I have ever met ! can't wait to see her calm down and show me her vocabulary.
another start for a sweet rescue!
enjoy your birdies!

Oct 26, 2012
That's sweet!
by: Anonymous

That's the sweetest story. You should post a picture of the baby!

Jul 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your story.

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