My Talking Baby Parrotlet Coby

by Barbara
(Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada)

Little did I know when I brought home my little 4 1/2" baby Pacific Parrotlet what a wonderful pet he would be! Yes, I had heard all about the attitude these little guys have and after my first bite, I truly believed it. Coby (short for Cobalt), was hatched in January, 2010. Since I live on my own, he has adapted quite well to being in my flock (or sometimes he thinks it's the other way around). He will also interact with others when they are birdsitting at their homes, but is always happy to see me when I bring him home.

Coby is not what I'd call a cuddler, as he doesn't like to be handled, but when sitting on my shoulder allows me to rub my cheek on his feathers. He doesn't have a loud squawking sound, but is persistent when he decides he wants attention. I can say to him "What's that?" and he will usually stop. Coby has been a real unexpected joy.

He was 3 months old when I got him and said "Pretty bird, Pretty Pretty Bird" at 4 1/2 months. By 6 months, he could sing "This is how the birdie sings, Tweet,tweet, etc.,Lets all sing like the birdie sings, Tweet, tweet", etc. He also says "Whoppo Chico", (Spanish for pretty boy), "Bye, Bye, See you later", "Peek-a-boo", "What's that", "What's this", "Good boy, Coby", "Kisses, kisses, (smooch, smooch)", "Hello Coby", and also "Would you like to come out?". He says this phrase in the morning while I'm preparing our breakfasts, as I bring him out once it's on the table. He is quite the mimic as he copied what I say to him when breakfasts ready. He now also says this if he wants out of the cage at any time. He also has picked up my laugh. I am more than amazed at how much he has learned in such a short time.

Coby is also quite the acrobat! He really enjoys the toys in his cage, as well as climbing and playing on the cage itself.

I'm looking forward to many years with Coby.

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Sep 01, 2010
He is beautiful
by: Christina

Hello :-) Your bird is beautiful! You and he seem like you really are meant for each other, and you have a great time together. You sure will have many many years of fun and happiness with your special little bird, with a big personaliy :-)

Sep 01, 2010
My Talking Baby Parrotlet Coby
by: Linda

Barbara, what a wonderful story and little Coby sounds like quite the character!

When you were talking about breakfast, just one word of caution, please do not feed him any table or people food as people food is usually not good for them. He needs to be eating organic pellets which are sold on this site, and get the grind appropriate for his size. Add to that no more than 10-15% fruit/veggies in overall diet, and that will be a complete diet for him. All seed diets are bereft of even the basic nutrition and have lots of fat and carbs, but no quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. You can use the seeds you have left to sprout as sprouts are no fat and high in proteins that he needs plus takes the place of any other veggies. They have to be sprouted in small amounts as they don't keep well in the refrigerator.

The organic pelleted diet is one that will ensure his health and happiness for many, many years while the all seed diet and/or people food will ensure he has a short lifespan and many trips to the vet inbetween. Harrisons' is a great one, and Tracie carries it here. I've been feeding it to two Amazons for over 17 years, and they go to the vet for toenail and beak trims a few times a year as they stay healthy from eating the right foods.

Here is a link to help in changing from seeds to pellets:
Switching Birds to Pellets article

Thank you so much for writing us about Coby, and sounds like a match made in Heaven which is what we wish for all parrots everywhere!


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