my three week old baby green cheek conure

by josh

i have just noticed that my baby green cheek conures neck is starting to swell. i am hand feeding it and it is eating fine. i am kinda worried about it and where we live we only have an avain vet on thursdays. i am not sure what i need to do? my three year old daughter wanted to hold it and i helped her and as far as i could tell she was very gentle and didn't hurt it!
can you give me some advice until i can get it to the vet?

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Oct 06, 2008
Green Cheek swelling
by: The Vet

The swelling could be food on the crop, or air in the crop. It could also be subcutaneous food from an improper hand feeding technique, especially if you are using a tube to feed with. How old is this bird? How often are you feeding it? How much does it weigh?

Dr B

Oct 06, 2008
Re: 3wk old green cheek conure
by: Kralice4u

It is so hard to tell what advice to give as I can not see what you are explaining.
Does the baby's neck swell at feeding time only and tend to go down afterwards? I breed Conures for a hobby mostly and I have at times noticed that when I feed the babies, the area at the base of the neck may tend to swell; especially if I have accidently allowed air to get in the syringe.
I would take the baby to the vet anyway if you have any concerns. Often times vets that aren't Avian vets will often know where to send you if they can not help.
I hope that everything will be ok.
I would love to tell you that everything is normal and fine, but it is difficult not being able to actually see what you are explaining. Perhaps you can submit a photo?

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