My tiel has gone mad!

by Crystal
(Oneonta NY)

I've had a male cockatiel for more then five years, he's the only bird I've had. I bought a new cockatiel not sure if(male or female)so he could have company while me and my fiancee are gone, at first my bird was happy to see the new bird and right after awhile began to hate it and me. He fly's from his cage to attack me and fly's back chirping at me with anger and chirping at the bird with anger. I don't know what to do, He hates me now, How do I calm him down and protect the new bird from stress?

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Mar 28, 2010
To Linda for the advice
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for you comment and advice. I will take everything you said and follow it through. Does anyone out there know of a website that finds avian vets close to us? because our local area does not have it.

Mar 25, 2010
My tiel has gone mad!
by: Linda

This is a common problem with single birds who have not had to share their people and home with another bird. The very first thing I recommend is that you take both birds into an Avian Vet in your area for an exam and tests for bacterial infection or other physical problems. All new birds should have this exam BEFORE being brought into home with any other birds as infections are highly contageous and won't get better until birds are properly diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet in your driving area.

THIS IS A VERY STRONG SUGGESTION, AND WHILE YOU ARE THERE HAVE VET CLIP BOTH BIRDS PRIMARY FLIGHT FEATHERS. These are the 6 long feathers at the end of the wings. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO CLIP UP ANY HIGHER AS THIS CRIPPLES BIRDS AND CAUSES THEM PAIN ALL THE TIME. Clipping both birds wings will even out the playing field for both sides AND YOU. Your new bird will see that your other bird cannot just fly over and attack him. Hopefully you have them in separate cages, AND KEEP THEM THAT WAY FOREVER. Later on, when your other bird gets more used to the new bird, then they could play together if cages have play tops. Anytime they are outside their cages at the same time, make sure you or another adult are right there watching them. Clipping the wings is a must in this situation as is giving the new bird some space to get used to everything and see how the dynamics of his new family work. The trip to the Avian Vet will be wonderful too as new birds tend to become sick with some kind of bacterial infection because of the stress of moving.

Once birds have been examined and any problems treated and wings are clipped on both birds, then you can begin to work with your birds. Do not be surprised if your older bird bites you here and there as he is jealous, mad and totally irrational right now (mad as a hatter). This will get better, so you need to relax and remain CALM regardless of what is going on. Keep the two birds from ANY physical contact. In other words, if you have one bird out, keep the other inside his cage. Then put the one bird up and get the other out. Do this until your older bird understands that the new bird is here to stay, and he may as well get over himself and enjoy his new friend.

I'm very proud of you all for thinking of him being lonely all day and providing a friend. THIS WILL WORK OUT, SO DO NOT WORRY. YOU ARE JUST GOING THROUGH A ROUGH SPOT RIGHT NOW.

Thanks for writing, and feel free to write again anytime you want or need to as we are always here.

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