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Mar 09, 2009
my birds
by: linda

I have a baby sun conure and a africian grey .and a moulcan .and 2 umbrella cockatoos .They are a lot of work but very fun to own .oh yes i forgot syndey my favorite yellow creste too .So we keep pretty busy in our retirement .or I should say I do as i do most of the cleaning . my husband likes to set around and enjoy them .it is just starting to get warm enouh to take them outside a bit .

Jan 28, 2009
Two Birds
by: Judy

I have a African Grey and I am thinking of getting a Eclectus. I have had my grey for 15 years as a baby. How does your grey handle the other bird?

Sep 12, 2008
by: Anonymous

Your birds sound very interesting and it is obvious that they love you and you love them! :).

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