My Wonderful Friend Kirby

by maryjo johnson
(Des Moines Iowa)

back a few years I read an add out of California for a goffin living in Iowa and wanting one I answered the add bought the bird and had him flown here.upon arrival this poor bird looked like he has been thru a war.he had a broken wing,split beak,malnutrition ,and was a plucker.

Looking in the cage i said well hello and he bobbed his head I opened the cage and we were fast friends.I remamed him Kirby this little guy was amazing he could dance,play dead and sing,he would fall over when i shot my finger and he loved to cuddle.I kept this little guy for about 4 years,the vet said he would not make it 6 mo but 4 yrs later this little guy fell in love with a friends deaf daughter so he went to live with her and visited me often.he was such a wonderful little guy who never had a chance came an awful long way to teach all of us love and that you don't have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Well last yr Kirby was playing and just dropped he made a little sound and was gone.we miss him terribly still and I think of him often....Kirby Thank you for enriching my life and showing me that alot of love can come in a small white ragged mom we miss you

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Jan 15, 2013
My Wonderful Friend Kirby
by: Linda

My eyes are also filled with tears, and all I can say to you and the last writer is AMEN and go in peace.


Jan 15, 2013
goffin cockatoo
by: diamondtia

Mary Jo,
Sometimes what a bird goes through in the past, even if they've had the right nutrition, like you gave the little goffin, and everything you did was right, the trauma of it's past, sometimes catches up with them and causes death.

I too rescued a goffin that was treated so bad and after I got him in my home with the right food, love, and care, he started mutilating. It took me 6 years to tame him and have been dealing with his mutilating for 5 years, but he is slowly healing.

God will remember you for taking one of his beautiful creatures in and loving it the way it was meant to be. god bless you!!! I love the goffins. I have 5 of them and a citron also. Another one of my goffins mutilated after i got him too and it took me a very long 9 years to heal him, but he is fully feathered, fully healed and collar free. Wish there were more people out there like you and I who really do love them. My heart goes out to you for losing a special little goffin.

Jan 15, 2013
My Wonderful Friend Kirby

Hi Maryjo, I've two birds myself, and I must tell you how sorry I'm for your loss. You did a great deed by giving Kirby what he needed most before he died and you should be very pleased with yourself. You've made him very happy during the last years of his life and God will bless you so much my friend. Not forgetting Kirby, you surely have his blessings too for treating him very good. Many people don't realize that when they treat others with love how much blessing they gain from God and from whoever they've treated well. Animals especially, although they can't talk to let you know how appreciative they're and how happy they're with you, they love you and wish you the best from their hearts. You're such a wonderful person Maryjo,and so you do have my blessings too. Whenever I do hear or read stories like this it tears me up. I'm typing this and I've to stop to wipe away the tears that's washing my cheeks; tears of happiness to know that you do have that much love in your heart. Don't be too sad for Kirby, say a prayer for his little soul and keep his memories alive in your loving heart. He'd made you happy and you'd made him happier. Take care my friend and and God bless!
D Singh, Toronto.

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