My Yellow fronted Amazon Parrot bites

by jane bowers

I have bought a Amazon Parrot who is 4 yrs old in his own envioremnet he was fine,but when we got him home he has started to bite really hard,he loves being out of his cage,should I keep him in until he gets used to his new home

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May 07, 2012
Yellow fronted amazon bites
by: Anonymous

Your bird simply just needs an adjusting period.

Going to a new home is stressful on the bird. He's bitting bc he is scared. Not because he just wants to be mean. Don't take him back bc of this. He simply needs time.

Going to a new home, there's new smells, sounds, objects, and people. This is a lot for a bird to take in all at once.

Just let the bird hang out in his cage, feed him treats by hand, and just talk to him. This will help build trust.

If there's any small kids in the home, please be aware, children are spontaneous, and can potentially frighten a bird more.

Make sure the bird has a reasonably quiet area, where he can see what's going on in the home.

I assure you the bird will adjust. Just give him time.

May 07, 2012
Amazon parrot
by: parrot games

Beautiful bird.I like it...

May 06, 2012
New Amazon parrot bites
by: Tracie

Yes, you should keep the bird, in my opinion. The bird needs time to get to know you and it's new home. Try to spend lots of time just sitting next to the cage reading a book, sometimes talking to the bird in a quiet voice etc.

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