My Yellow Naped Amazon Bites Me

by Margie
(Richmond, KY)

How can I train him to allow me to handle him. I'm not sure how old he or she is we got him from a friend who got him or her from a friend........ But when I reach in the cage the bird snaps at me and it won't even allow my husband to feed it. I love this bird and it is quite a talker and sings all the time. I need help.

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Feb 14, 2008
YN Amazon biting
by: Tracie

My first thought is, he might be cage territorial besides just not trusting you yet.

Start by showing the bird you can be trusted. Sit by the cage and talk to the bird sweetly and maybe even read a book out loud if you run out of things to say.

Give the bird special treats through the cage bars that he only gets from you or your husband. Don't worry if he rejects these at first, it might take time for him to even want to take something from your hand.

Realize that he may have been abused in the past, and even if he hasn't been abused, he still has to learn what these new people are like, you and your husband, and if he can trust them.

I would get him used to stick training so that you can remove him from the cage without putting in your hands. Even my little Conures will not let me put my hand in their precious cage! LOL Once they climb outside on the door we are good to go.

Check out my Parrot Training articles for more ideas.

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