my yellow-sided green cheek conure is losing his feathers

by Rizz
(winchester, Va)

my yellow-sided conure is losing his feathers. They are falling out with ease and i'm worried something might be wrong. according to petsmart adoption papers he's only four months old but i i'm not sure. when i got him he had all his/her beautiful colors with a little bit of some grey left. but he is losing all the colorful feathers and has a lot of needle like sticks protruding through his feathers. if this is just some process of molting or something please let me know. if not i have very little money and can't afford the vet unless it's extremely necessary so please, if you have any information let me know. I would also like to know what climate they prefer because i hat to have a cold room if they are use to warmer climates.

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Sep 21, 2017
by: Anonymous

My bird Is getting bald spots and It’s only a year old!

Oct 10, 2008
Green Cheeked Conure molting
by: Tracie

Hello Rizz,

The little white "sticks" on your bird are the new feathers coming in. They will be sensitive at first and then your bird might actually like you to help them open. If your bird will tolerate it, you can gently pinch one between your fingers and gently rub the sheath back and forth and it will fall off in powdery flakes.

As long as your bird is not getting bald spots and you can't tell where the feathers on the floor are coming from, I think everything is OK. You will be able to tell the long wing and tail feathers of course.

I know you said funds are short, but it is recommended that you take your bird to the vet for the Polyomavirus virus shot when you get it and for well check ups once a year.

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