My young sun conure has one swollen nostril

by Meg Mattos
(Kernersville, NC)

My male sun conure (almost 9 mos) has one slightly swollen, pink, clear discharging nostril. He is acting normal but I am still concerned because of the clear discharge. It isn't a lot, but obviously still not good. All of our other birds seem to be fine. Should I take him to a vet to be checked out ASAP or wait to see if his condition improves?

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Jun 02, 2010
my bird to
by: Anonymous

Hi, My baby conure has this to, i took him to the vet today and he said although the right one was swollen it didnt seem bad so he ran a culture and gave me some meds. Now im keeping him under a heat lamp. so after we got back from the vet everything was fine now both sides are swollen and i think its from the lamp, i was useing a 15 watt he told me to try a 40 watt and now both passages are swollen. just my guess

Dec 10, 2009
Unfortunately the vet said it wasnt necessary
by: Darci

I did want the vet to do a flush and culture but she thought it wasnt necessary because the nares looked so clean and the feathers around her nares were not matted and she said the flush was not without risk. I would've felt a lot better if she had done it just to see if anything turned up because the discharge and picking is almost a daily occurence. This was a specialist 8 hours away-I dont know if any vet in my city can even perform a nasal flush safely :(

Dec 05, 2009
Swollen nares on conure
by: The Vet


These symptoms can be just normal daily nare irritation caused by dust and feather dander. However, I always investigate these further by doing a nasal flush, and collecting the flush for culture to look for bacteria. The flush does two things, one it gives us a good sample for culture and two if acts a treatment to remove irritating material from the nares, nasal and sinus cavities.

It may be that the air is too dry for your bird which is very common in the winter when we turn on the heat. Adding a humidifier can be a great benefit as well as frequent bathing.

Dr B

Dec 04, 2009
Does she pick?
by: Darci

My Sun Conure often gets pinkish, swollen nares after she picks them with her nails.. as well as clear discharge. I have been to 4 different avian vets and none of them have found it concerning or done anything to address the issue. If you do see a vet please let us know what the results are!

Dec 04, 2009
Sun Conure with nasal discharge
by: Tracie

Meg, you really need to take your bird to see an avian vet ASAP. Dr B can not help your bird, because he would need to examine the bird and then prescribe a treatment based on the exam and possible tests.

I am sorry your bird is sick. If you need help finding an avian vet, please visit the page at the link below. There are suggestions from our readers and also links where you can do a search.

Find an Avian Vet

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