Nail Clipping-sedation?

by Sadaya
(Kilauea Hawaii USA)

The vet across the street from me who owns birds but primarily deals with large animals such as horses or dogs. He recommends he sedate my pionus to clip his nails. He maintains that it hurt him to clip them short ( it has been about a year since they were last clipped). He said he has only lost 2 birds in 30 years but I still am concerned about giving my healthy bird a drug for this reason. Will it damage his liver? Is it dangerous? If his quick is to close to the end of the nail could I just trim a small amount and have the quick recede over time instead. I am able to towel my bird but he certainly doesnt like it. Currently I trim his feathers while he showers so as not to upset him by toweling him? He has not foot damage or apparent difficulty walking with his current long nails they are just scratching my arm when I hold him.

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Nov 07, 2010
NO sedation for clipping bird nails
by: The Avian Vet

It is absolutely not necessary to sedate to trim nails. It is dangerous. In my opinion, if they are not too long, but only sharp, you can have them trimmed naturally by giving your bird a pedicure perch. Place the perch as the highest perch in the cage so he will sleep on it. In 2-3 weeks the nails will be dull and you will never need to trim them as long as he sleeps on this perch and you rotate it regularly and change it every 2 years or so. If the nails are actually long, then a trim is necessary. I do not clip them, I only Dremel then and I never cause them to bleed with this method.

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Do not allow this veterinarian to handle your bird. My question is if he only lost 2 birds in thirty years, did he see more than 2 in that time period? You need to go to an avian veterinarian to have anything done to your bird, even wing clips. You should not do these yourself, either, to be sure they are done correctly and without harm to your bird.

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Dr B

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