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I took my green cheek conure for nail trimming at pats r us and when we brought him home he was quite not as active as he used to be and now he is lifting his right leg up when he stands. Does that mean his got hurt when he was getting trimmed?

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Apr 12, 2012
Nail trimmings.
by: Anonymous

When they trim your birds nails, there will sometimes be a drop of blood or two. They use a powder to stop the bleeding.

Nail triming can be slightly painful for a bird, however he should recover right away from it.

It is possible they cut one of his nails is too short. You need to try to get in there to see what it looks like.

As birds struggle during the clipping process, they could of possibly hurt his leg.

Keep a close eye on him, if he is still hurting and not using that foot by the end of the day, I'd suggest a vet visit first thing in the morning to make sure he's fine and they didnt injure him.

Next time, ask the tech whose doing the clippings how long they've done it for. And go for the most experienced one.

I get my birds nails done at the place I bought her from, and she's up running around and acting normal right away. So what you're experiencing is NOT normal.

Also watch for any signs of blood, if there is, you can use plain unbleached flour to stop the bleeding... and of course get him to an AVIAN vets asap.

Good luck, and I wish you the best.

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