Naming a new bird

by D. Singh
(Toronto, Canada)

Hello everyone, Happy New Year to you all. I had three beautiful birds, an Amazon,a Budgie and a Cockatiel. The Budgie and the Amazon was very close, they used to sit close together and kiss every time they were out of their cages. A few months ago my Budgie died. My Cockatiel was never close with my Amazon and doesn't want my Amazon to even sit close to her.

My Amazon is missing the love and kisses of his friend (Budgie) and calls out to him every day by name and send him kisses. It breaks my heart to hear him calling the Budgie by name and sending him kissess. I'm thinking to buy another Budgie for my Amazon because he is missing his friend so much (Budgie).

I would like to know when I do buy the new Budgie if I should give him the name that the old Budgie had, or should I give him a new name? I was thinking to give him the same name because the Amazon has already learned that name and is calling that name EVERYDAY.

My daughter thinks that I should give him his own name. I'll appreciate it very much if anyone can enlighten me on this subject. Please let me know, thank you all and God bless!

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Jan 04, 2013
Naming a new bird
by: D. Singh

Thanks Tracie, for your quick response and I do appreciate and understand what you said; I thought the same. I'll buy another Budgie, give him the same name and keep him in the cage that I've thoroughly washed with hot water after my first Budgie died.

I shall then slowly introduce the new Budgie that I shall buy and my Amazon each day while I'm interacting with them. I'll never leave them together out of my sight. I do let my Amazon and Cockatiel out of their cages and I sit nearby so they're never alone or out of sight.

My Amazon is a very loving bird, he is four years old, I bought him when he was just three months. He and my Budgie used to kiss and lock beaks together, it was amazing and beautiful to see that's the reason he misses my Budgie so much. Whenever he goes close to my Cockatiel and wants to kiss her, she would always want to peck him and all he does is move away; he doesn't peck her or do anything, he just moves and will send kisses from afar. My Cockatiel's name is Fran and my Orange Winged Amazon is Sid. When Sid would move away from Fran he'd say, send a kiss for Fran, ah ah, the ah sound he makes makes is so sweet; Sid is such a sweetheart. He wants to have another companion to share his love and kisses with. I do play with him and kiss him everyday because I'm at home but it's not the same as he having a feathered friend. I only go out to shop or if I've some appointments which is very seldom. I know that Sid wants to play and kiss his own feathered friends. I do love him so much and only wants him to be the happiest that he can be in my home. Thank you again for your reply and God bless!

Jan 04, 2013
Naming new budgie
by: Tracie

Naming the new budgie the same name is fine, but the bird will learn whatever new name you give the bird.

I mainly want to make sure you understand you can't just go buy another bird and expect the other birds to get along with it. You MUST keep the new bird in a cage where the other birds can not land on the cage. You have to slowly introduce the new bird and see if they get along.

It is rare for larger birds to tolerate a budgie. You are fortunate that the budgie wasn't attacked long ago.

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