Nanday Conure and Amazon Parrot

I have a 5 year old Nanday Conure that has not been with any other birds for the 4 years that I have had him (I assume its a male, he hasn't laid any eggs). I am thinking about adopting a Amazon Parrot that was dumped outside and is now at a shelter (I'm not sure of the sex, the shelter is guessing the parrot is female). What is the likelihood that these two birds could would get along? Would they be able to share a large cage?

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Mar 22, 2008
Birds need there own space
by: Lori/Texas

I have 3 birds (an african grey, sun conure and cockatiel) who get along fine away from their cages but are very protective of their cages. Because of the size difference I would never recommend housing an amazon and a conure together together. I've seen pictures of horrible injuries birds have inflicted on each other such as chewing the toes off or curshing the beak of birds that couldn't get away. If you can't provide 2 cages please don't get a second bird.

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