This is Atalantae’s Nanday Conure, Buddy.

Her Nanday Conure is a one-person bird.

Nanday Conure Picture, Buddy

Nanday Conure Picture, Buddy

I got this cute boy when I put an ad in the local paper looking to take in unwanted birds. A lady called me from Maryland and I am in Pa.

She was a good mommy to Buddy. She wanted to see my other birds and told me what all Buddy eats, what time he wanted to go to bed, etc.

She said she was getting rid of him because he attacked her sister when she came into the house. I took in the little bugger. And true to her word, he attacked my roomie and two of my friends when they came into the house.

He took a week to get used to me. He only likes me. He will bite anyone who tries to pet him or come near him. He flies to attack, what a little beaker boy anyway.

Needless to say, I took him to the vet for his first check up that he had ever had in his life, for a wing and toenail trim. Of course that was a trip and a half. He instantly hated the vet and the vet helpers also.

He got trimmed after about 15 minutes of the vet trying to get him to step up. She trimmed his first 3 flight feathers. Left him go and I set him down and low and behold he flew right to me. So she trimmed 2 more flight feathers and he did it once again! She said. he is a strong one isn't he. She had to end up clipping all flight feathers. Now he is a clam sweet baby with me. And he still hates everyone else.

He says “Scritches, where’s buddy, what r u doin’, buddy buddy buddy what what what”.

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