Nanday Conure broken toe

by Mary


I purchased a Nanday Conure today and the pet store informed me his toe had been broken previously. I didn't really think to ask when this happened but it is pretty noticable. It doesn't look like a recent break to me.

Anyway, he was clinging to the side of his cage and I figured he was a little nervous. But, for several hours that is all he has done. I have gotten him out of the cage and he perches on my shoulder and acts fine.

He is eating well and doesn't seem to be in distress. However, I'm wondering if it hurts his foot to actually stand on his perches. I don't think it is something life threatening but I want him to be comfortable. Would this cause him to be hurting? He doesnt act as if it hurts him when he is out of the cage.

Also, I was wondering if there is anything an avian vet would be able to do to fix the proble with his broken toe? There is no blood or limping or anything like that. I just cant imagine why he would be hanging on to the sides of the cage instead of using the perches.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Sep 17, 2008
Nanday with Broken Toe
by: The Vet

It is possible that there is some discomfort, possibly related to arthritis, or positional pain due to pressure on a nerve. It may also be not uncomfortable at all. I would need to examine your bird to make a definitive statement on his condition. If he is using the foot normally then it is likely not to be causing him pain or discomfort.

It is unlikely that it could be corrected surgically. But, again, an exam would be necessary to state definitively either way. Just based on your description, I would not recommend surgery.

His hanging on the side of the cage may be related to other issues. For example, the cage may be too small. It should be at least 20 x24. Or it could be related to the perches. His perches may be uncomfortable, often too small. Or the cage may not be set up appropriately, for example the perches may be too close to the cage walls and his tail rubs the bars. Or if he hangs from the same side each time, it may be to get your attention or to get away from something on the other side.

Dr B

Sep 16, 2008
broken toe
by: lori

It may not have anything to do with his foot if he isn't limping or favoring the foot. My birds hang on the side of the cage when they want out.
Maybe he just wants to be with you.

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