This is Gigi’s Nanday Conure, Paulie.

The pet store gave this troubled Nanday Conure to her and he is the cuddliest bird she has.

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This is Paulie, a 4 year old Nanday Conure. He too is a bird that has gone through different homes before ending up at a pet store. I suspect his previous owner was enamored of the conure featured in the movie "Paulie" and had reality set in quickly when they brought him into their home.

Paulie was in the same pet store where Abby, my Orange Winged Amazon was. I had seen Paulie on several occasions during my visits with Abby before bringing her home, but he seemed reluctant to interact with any human and would consistently try to nip my fingers if they got within reach of him when I would offer him a treat.....besides he was a VERY noisy bird. People could hear him screaming out at the end of the rather large parking lot...definitely not for me.

I received a phone call from the owners of the pet shop in May 2006 asking me if I wanted to "rescue" Paulie free of charge. He had been in the store for at least a year with no interested people wanting to purchase him. In a moment of temporary insanity, I agreed to take Paulie into my home. What a wonderful decision that was!

Paulie is a loving Velcro bird. He enjoys being with me and is the cuddliest bird I have. His "cuddle factor" measures up to that of a cockatoo's. That's not to say he doesn't have his nippy moments as nandays are known to have, but learning his body language has been a great help in that.

He has quieted down quite a bit to indulging in the loud shrill screaming for a short period in the morning and at dusk, which is customary for any parrot and will occasionally scream loud and long if I'm not readily accessible to him and within his sight. Nanday Conures are definitely not apartment birds for that reason...unless you have sound proof walls ;-).

Paulie loves fresh fruit and is beginning to try the veggies I offer him at breakfast and dinner also. He says "hello" and laughs just like me....sounding so very human. He also squeaks like a dog's squeaky toy.

Paulie is the watchdog of my feathered family and will let me know if there is any perceived "danger" squirrels coming onto the back deck....nothing can get by his alert little eyes....LOL!!

He loves taking baths in the kitchen sink as long as there is no water to step in...he seems to have a phobia about that...he just splashes around in the drops of water left on the sides and bottom of the sink. Silly bird!

Paulie has a fixation on ears, noses and mouths and will gleefully probe those areas relentlessly if allowed. He also enjoys preening my eyebrows and hair.

He is an active parrot that is always on the go; either playing with his favorite toys or "helping" me with my daily chores. He occasionally tires himself out and takes a nap snuggled up to my neck.

Paulie is definitely an asset to our household; very loving and wanting to give kisses for as long as I will accept them. I am so glad I agreed to take him in.

Nanday Conures are definitely high maintenance birds that require A LOT of interaction; more so than my Amazon or Budgie does. I would only recommend having one IF you are willing to be home with them giving them the attention they seem to need.

Paulie's owner sent the bath pictures along with this note. I thought it was cute and just had to share!

Written by Paulie's owner:

I thought I'd share a couple of photos of Paulie the Nanday sneaking into the kitchen sink to take a bath of sorts.

Paulie hates standing in any depth of water but he loves getting into the sink when there are drops of water on the sides for him for splash around in. Silly bird!! He is always coming up with some antic to keep me laughing.

Hope the photos brought a smile to your faces. Have a good day.

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