This little Nanday Conure likes to be rocked to sleep!

Chase, the Nanday Conure shares his cage with a Green Cheeked Conure.

Nanday Conure, Chase Nanday Conure with Green Cheeked Conure

Chase is my Nanday Conure. He is young, under two as of Aug. 2006. Every night he insists that I rock him to sleep. It has to be in his red baby blanket. Can't be a different blanket, must have HIS blanket.

He likes to sleep on my leg while I crochet. He shares a cage with our Green Cheek Conure, Ace.

Ace is around the same age. He is our little terror, always into something he shouldn't be into. He says Frank, Grampy and Dad, all to my husband. Would some one please tell him that he is supposed to be my baby?!

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