Nanday Conure new to home

by Cami
(Moscow ID)

We just bought a Nanday conure from a wonderful bird store. He has been with us for about 3 days now. From the start all he has wanted to do is sit on my chest and snuggle. He sleeps alot and is content pretty much anywhere you put him. He eats and drinks and we are wondering if perhaps he is ust getting used to his new home, or if he just has a very calm personality, or if he is sick.

His feathers are sleek and shiny, his eyes are clear, his nose is clear, hes just VERY calm.

Also his poop is VERY tiny little drops.

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May 22, 2012
Nanday Conure new to home
by: Anonymous

New homes are stressful for any bird.

New smells, surroundings, sounds...
Sounds like the bird is trying it's best to adjust. However, the bird is scared still.
He may not be eating a lot right now, thus the poops will be smaller. Birds tend not to eat when overly stressed during transistion.

I honestly wouldn't be worried. Give the bird a bit more time before consulting a vet.

I bought a 3yr old grey, brought her home & she sat on one perch, refused to move, make a noise, barely ate or drank. We almost called her "spot". Bc whatever spot you put her in, she was still in 4 hrs later. She would step up... but not move on her own. Simply bc she was scared.

When she was taken to the vet just for a wellness exam (as I do with all new pets within a wk of purchase) She was 100% healthy. She was just scared. took 3 wks for her to be 100% comfy.

My baby african grey, brought her home, and she was happy and content right away. Nothing scared her. She wanted to check everything out. Different birds take different times to adjust.

I'd suggest giving your bird time to fully adjust. He's only been there 3 days.

However, I'd get a wellness exam done within 1 wk of purchase. Simply to ensure that it is healthy, and that you werent sold a sick bird.

Birds need vets too! They should see an AVIAN vet once a yr to ensure good health.

May 22, 2012
New Conure may be sick
by: Tracie

It is stressful for birds to go to a new home. It is possible that the bird is sick. Did the pet store give you a certificate of good health from an avian vet? If not, then it is likely that even though the pet store is "good" that the bird may have come from a breeder that did not make sure the bird was healthy or from healthy parents.

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird to make sure it is not sick.

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