This is Sheal’s Nanday Conure pictures and story.

Her Nanday Conure is and adoption rescue.

Kiwi Kiwi playing Kiwi in the sack
Kiwi Kiwi playing Kiwi in the sack

Kiwi is a 1.5 year old Nanday Conure and is an adoption rescue. I am his second home. He has not been sexed but due to behavior I believe he is a male (mate rituals, attitude, etc). He speaks, saying various sentences and words such as:


Love you

Kemo a-hole (not the prettiest sentence for sure and Kemo is our Huskywolf mix)

It's Good

Pretty Boy


He imitates hiccups and people talking on the phone (uh huh, yup, ok)

He mutters under his beak (breath) when he is angry

He says my son's name Brodie, the dog's name and my youngest’s name Brooke, he also says Baby Brookie.

Kiwi was raised from hatchling till now by his former mama and is acclimated to children, and dogs. He is completely bonded to me and thinks I am his mate. He loves his bells and enjoys about 10 hours of out of cage time every day. Has a well balanced diet of both parrot pellet and parrot fruitveggie blend. He also loves apples and pizza crusts. He prefers his eggs scrambled (spoiled isn't he). He absolutely loves his bells and play gym and paper towels.

My experiences with him have been interesting to say the least, he imitates a person drinking out of a cup and says drink. Takes baths in his water bowl when it rains and is the typical loud squawking conure that he is. I would say I would not recommend a conure such a Kiwi to apartment dwellers as the sound of their voice can be abrasive (I find it beautiful myself and am partially deaf so it's not as loud to me as it would be to others). He is a socialable little fellow but will bite anyone who comes near me if he's on my shoulder.

Conures are very "beaky" birds, they love to beak everything (rub their beaks on things and people and play with fingers) and everyone in sight. Even though Kiwi is smaller than the larger parrots he does pack a punch for bite factor, I do not recommend small children for birds although my children are young they have grown up with many different exotics over their young little lives (tarantulas, snakes, rats, etc) and have come to respect the space that these awe inspiring animals need and require.

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