Nanday Conure ripping paper

by Shari Land
(San Marcos, CA.)

I have a Nanday Conure who is thought to be a male, has been tearing up the paper on the bottom of the cage into what look like little nests and cute little noises come out of the bird.
Maybe I have a female?

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Mar 29, 2013
Nanday conure ripping up paper
by: Tracie

It could be a female, it could be a male that enjoys ripping up paper. The important thing here is that the bird has access to paper at the bottom of the cage that likely has poop and discarded food.

You need to purchase a cage that has a grate in the bottom that keeps the bird from reaching the poopy paper. You also need to make sure, until you get a new cage, that you do not put paper in the bottom that has toxic ink on it.

Hopefully you are feeding your bird high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush pellets so that you won't have to worry about egg binding if it is a female. Feeding cheap pellets that are full of sugar and chemicals or feeding no pellets at all will often lead to a lack of nutrition and the bird will not be able to lay the egg(s) if it produces them.

Your bird does not need a male bird to start laying eggs. If it is building a nest, then it may lay eggs.

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