nanday conure sichness?

by danae acosta
(U.S.A GA forsyth )

hey my bird is a nanday conure and he has been vometing gis food but when through up it like pieces of food and he poop whit with green and with a water is that normal

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Jan 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

Poop as you describe it does not sound that odd but i encourage you to put clean wax paper down to collect a complete specimen. A birds poop is all complete, and they need to have it all, not absorbed into anything, and fresh, to culture. Also it is really important to know your birds poop consistency and how often for future reference. It will help you a lot. Color will usually be the same but can change with the food you feed.

With all that said, get to the vet pronto. Your bird is missing hydration and food and will not survive long. They are small and their systems cannot survive this. Take the poop if you have it and go now. He could have something lodged in his craw, where food id stored for continuous feed, or any number of things, but will not survive.

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