nanday conure very cage protective

hello, i got 2 nanday conures as a gift ( 1 male and 1 female) not sure which is which and they are pretty big but i dont know their age. anyways since day 1 ive been trying to bond with both, one (i think its the male) bonds with me ok, he stepped up on the 2nd day but will not allow me to touch him or take him out of the cage, if he steps up and i move my hand toward the cage doors he steps back onto the bar or clamps onto the cage, its been almost a month now and there still hasent been any progress

i bought treats and toys but it seems he still doesnt trust me enough to let me take him out but if i open the top of the cage he gets out and walks around on his own. and he looks for me and screams when i walk away.

the female on the other hand is a total Pain in the you know what, she gauged my finger, lunges, and jumps to the back of the cage, like totally freaking out. if i try to give her food she will take it and throw it out of the cage, ironically if i wear her down after a few minutes she will let me pet her on her chest but will not step up, iv been trying for 3 weeks already and she still wont do it, the other one did it in 2 days.

ive clipped her wings but she still wont cooperate and im afraid she will hurt herself when i try to interact with her becuase she jumps and flaps and she acts like if im coming after her to kill her or something?

i dont know what else to do i hear all these other owners have the conures flying to them and coming onto their shoulders ect ect, i would like that relationship but i cant even get mine to come out of the cage voluntarily. ive shed blood for these birds and nothing!

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Aug 15, 2012
Suggestions to help bonding...
by: Mark Morgan

Splitting them into two cages will help them get to know you personally, because they are alone with you and not distracted by the other one. Getting an previous own Nanday to bond with you will take more than one month, it probably take up to 3 to 5 months depending on how much you hand them. Try to take baby steps with gaining their trust, such as giving them treats and petting their head through the cage when they are eating. Experiment with the bonding, because all conures will bond with you differently because you must develop your own language with them.

May 06, 2011
Naday conures aggressive
by: Tracie

I does take time to develop trust and a bond with birds most of the time. Having two birds, and the birds being possible mates, will only add to the difficulty. You didn't mention an interest in breeding, but it is unlikely you can both breed the birds and expect them to be pets too.

Unless you have experience in breeding, or are getting experience by helping someone now, I do not suggest you attempt to breed these birds.

If you have no interest in breeding these birds, then make sure they never share a cage and do not spend time together outside of the cage. In fact, you might consider having a DNA test done and trading one of the birds for another bird so that you have two of the same gender.

We have some helpful training material on our Parrot Training page that may help you some, but I think you will have difficulty as long as you have a male and female of the same species because they will bond with each other most likely.

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