Nanday conure with disease symptoms

hi, i would normally take a bird like this to a vet, but as it turns out, the bird is at a pet shop i work at, and i have no authority to take him (believe me, ive tried)...

we had 2 nanday conures come in, one was healthy looking, but the other was puffed up, bobbing (like begging but slowly) and had a weird twitch where it opened its wings slightly whilst making a 'kak' noise, the bird also has a messy vent and weighs next to nothing...

they apparently took the sick nanday to a vet (normal, not avian) and when i asked did you get tests run, etc etc, the only answer i could get from my 'superior' was that they were worried that it was dehydrated as it just wasnt weaned properly...

the bird advice i have heard from these people has been sub-par at best, so to be honest i dont believe them... is there any sickness or testing i can suggest they do?... their remedy for all of this was that it was weak from not eating, so they crop fed it... after the feeding it looked rather week and was dripping formula from its beak... i hate seeing this kind of thing happen, is there anything i can do? and if not, any idea what the disease is, or how to prevent something like this happening in the future?

i dont even know if the poor little angel is still alive... i guess i will find out when i go into work this afternoon...

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Feb 28, 2009
sick bird
by: Anonymous

Just wondered if the little conure survived? These people need to be reported! I know you can't save all sick babies but they could have tried a little harder.

Feb 26, 2009
Nanday at pet shop that is sick
by: The Vet

This bird needs an ?owner? who cares about it?s well-being. I am sure that the vet would have made more recommendations than just to crop feed and see what happens. IF not, then you need to seek the help of an avian veterinarian. Short of that, you can?t do anything. This bird needs a good exam and history to determine what is wrong, for example, what kind of bedding is used in the brooder, what formula is being used, how old is this bird, what does it weigh, how often is it being fed........

I suspect weaning problems, but there is probably an infection both with bacteria and yeast. Antimicrobials are going to be necessary to help this bird. Also he needs to be in a heat cage (90┬║+) and rehydrated and fed. Sorry to hear this. Good luck.

Dr B

Feb 26, 2009
Sick conure
by: Anonymous

Taking a conure to a non-avian vet is like not taking it at all. My dogs vet refused to see my birds when I got them. He is an excellent mammal vet, but said he would just be lost with birds. I admire him for being so honest and pointing me in the right direction.
If they refuse to take proper care of the bird, call the Humane society or an Animal resuce near you. I am sure you can do an anonymous tip if you are afraid of loosing your job.

Feb 26, 2009
still alive
by: OP

still alive, but still vomiting its handrearing mix

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