nats and macaw

by tina
(weston super mare)

i have got a blue and gold macaw and i need to know if there is any thing at all i can use to help me get rid of nats as i am over run with them at the min and they are really getting on my nerves so can any one please help any suggestions will be much appriciated as i really need some help please thank u

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Feb 03, 2012
Nat Trap
by: Anonymous

the nats are probably coming from old fruit in or around the cage which is where they procreate, if you get a cup and fill it halfway with apple cider vinegar and cover it with saran wrap and grab a toothpick and poke holes in the saran wrap not too big just small enough where the nats enter the hole and can't get out , which causes them to fly around in an attempt to escape and exhaust themselves and drown in the vinegar . the sweet smell attracts them, I tried this for a week and killed over 200 nats...good luck..keep all fruit especially bananas in the fridge..

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