natural perch - bird afraid of it

we recently bought a wooden tree branch for our conure but he is afraid of it!!
how do we get him to go by it

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Oct 04, 2012
natural perch - bird afaid of it.
by: Anonymous

Birds can be funny little creatures with what they like, dislike, or with what scares them or doesnt.

Introducing something new into the environment takes patience at best.

I agree with the other posters for this thread, have a small table or something near the cage. I have a bird station kinda deal near my birds cage. Fact, I just introduced a new grapevine perch into her cage. She likes her other natural perches, but this one took convincing.

I took the perch into my bedroom laid it on the bed, and placed my bird on the bed near it. I tried to see if she would check it out as she would normally with everything else. Well she wanted nothing to do with it. therefore it didnt go into her cage.

My bird always wants everything I have, so I spend several times a day for a min or two, go over and play with the perch, examine it, tap it.. etc. put it down and then talk to her. I had my family doing this as well for about a wk.

Well, she finally got curious about it, when I tried a second time with her and the perch on the bed. She wanted to check it out, but would only go so close.

So, we repeated the process. Put the perch by the cage and have everyone randomly go over and play with it thru hte day. 3rd time on the bed with the perch, she went over, and chewed it a bit. But for seconds at a time. Abt the 5 th time, she was climbing on it after repeating the process.

So then I introduced it to my bird's cage. but leaving her her other natural perches as well. Took her a cpl days of it being in her cage before she perched on it.

Never force something on your bird, always take your time introducing something. Last thing you want to do is traumatize your bird.

GL hope this helps

Oct 03, 2012
natural perch - bird afraid of it
by: Linda

Birds are often afraid of new things, so he will get used to it. Hopefully, you bought a perch that is made for his size feet otherwise, he will not use it. Perches too large are pooped on constantly and ones too small a diameter are worse than the pitiful wooden dowels that come with cages.He will not like either one. If wood is not safe, he may sense this and not use it.

If size is correct and it is made of safe wood for birds, then he will get used to it. If it is wrong size for him, he will not use it.


Oct 03, 2012
bird afraid
by: Anonymous

sometimes if before putting a new toy or perch in the cage you just lay it close by outside the cage so the bird gets use to seeing the new object and realize's its no threat and not going to harm him/her. Even them sometimes when you first put something new in the cage it can take days , a week until they will go near it . My birds do this with new toys they wont touch them at first but after a few days they will destroy that toy , Birds are very cautious its best to approach them with things slowly and let them get familiar with whatever your going to put in there home. Don't worry before long your bird will be loving the new perch.

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