natural sunlight indian ringnecks

by Darren
(Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

how much natural sunlight do indian ringnecks need each day? And how important is sunlight? I have two females, four months old and three months old. I feed them harrison's high potency pellets and fruit and vegetables every day.

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Jan 01, 2012
natural sunlight indian ringnecks
by: Linda

GooDay and Happy New Year! Full spectrum light has to be provided by full spectrum light bulbs like Vita Lights. We have 2, 24" fluorescent bulbs above our birds' cage in hanging fixtures. ( Over the cage full spectrum lighting ) I believe we found them at Natural Lighting on the internet though you can do a search to find other places for the bulbs and fixtures. They need to be hung where birds cannot get to the fixtures or bulbs, with cords taped down to the wall as you'll most likely need extension cord for the hanging ones.

Birds need this light everyday, and they do not need to be sitting in the harsh sun to get it. The lights provide a safe form of natural lighting without the harmful rays the sun produces.

Also, do not use the "sunlight" bulbs found in home improvement, hardware or wal-mart stores because these are "colored" bulbs not true full spectrum ones.

Thanks for writing, and hope your New Year is full of promise.


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