Neck feathers being plucked

by Chris
(Manitoba CANADA)

I have 6 lovebirds in a large cage, 6ft x 61/2ft x2ft. Last peach face additions were two older females which mingle but do not really participate, they have their area. Have also built 8 nesting boxes in the cage at all times, many toys, tree branches, bird bath, swings, bells, cuttlebone, millet in holders, perches, hamster wheels - so they do have a variety to play and be at peace. The other two sets seemed mated. One set is a peach face and the other dutch blue. They chose each other. The males seem to get after the females by pulling out their neck feathers to a point only down remains and a few pin feathers which are red. They sit beside each other, sleep together, regurgitate with each other, groom each other, but the males pull these feathers and these only - nowhere else. This has been persistant for about 4 months. At wits end for their well being, do we seperate?

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Feb 27, 2012
Males removing neck featherrs on females
by: The Avian Vet

This is because the male is mounting the female, or because of cage mate aggression, or because they are being accepted into the flock. You cage is large and you have lots of perches, so that all helps. You should have multiple feeding stations too.

In my experience, colony breeding of lovebirds is not generally successful. Do you KNOW the sex of these birds by DNA. You could have a bad ratio of males to females; it should be 1:1.

Dr B

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