neck injury

by Southside

I took my baby cockatiel (5weeks old ) out of the cage . He flew around the room and crash landed on the floor ,i thught that he was paralysed because he was not moving but after a while he started to move . When I touch his neck , he moans . He can hardly swallow the porridge that i feed him because it pains when he swallows . any idea what is causing this pain ? the bone under his neck seems to be sticking out more than usual .

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Sep 22, 2012
Neck Injury
by: Anonymous

The bird will probably die. Neck and head injuries are usually fatal to birds and they rarely survive. I had a quaker parrot. Today he died. I've drawn blood from him on many occasions and never had any trouble. All's gone well in the past and I knew how much to draw and how to handle him. Today ended in tragedy. I was restraining him trying to hold him where the vein shows and no problem there like always. However, he kept swirling his head and somehow this time bit me and I repositioned him for the right jugular vein blood draw to gain a better hold but his head was stretching out of my grasp and he was swirling it around and must've gotten some neck injury. He was immediately put back in the carrier I'd brought him in to calm down but he laid on his side and head on floor of carrier and had lost his balance. I assumed neck strain but I tried to find the spot but couldn't feel anything broken. I was going to do run CBC on him but didn't get the chance. He was still alive and alert but his head was still 'star gazing' and on the way home he died. I suppose a career with exotics is out. But why did this happen b/c I've always been so careful and never had any problems before! I even have cared for our other birds myself b/c there are no exotic vets around here. I have tube fed my birds, given shots, etc. and you name it and never had one problem until now. My dog/cat vet had a similar problem. He didn't know silver nitrate would kill a bird but it did. You see, I know that. But I guess there was a handling error on my part somehow this time. He just keep popping his head out of my grasp and twirling it when I was restraining him for the blood draw. He was crying out in the cage on the way home but had stop moving. I think I will stop working with animals b/c now I too have killed my precious bird as had my dog/cat vet with a bird by treating a bleeding beak with silver nitrate which you don't b/c it burns the beak and they die of shock. Guess that's why there are no vets that treat birds around here in my area.

Nov 12, 2008
Take your bird to an avian vet ASAP
by: Tracie

You must take your bird to an avian vet ASAP. There is nothing anyone can do for your bird over the Internet.

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