need advise or help??

by loverable40

hi I have a 4 mth old amazon that has 1 toe missing making it hard for him to perch what can I do?? is there any advise you can give to me?

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Mar 04, 2010
need advise or help??
by: Linda

I have an Amazon male who is missing two toes, one on each foot, and they are the shorter back ones. He is a little clumsy, and manages to get around very well. Amazon perches need to be around 1 1/2" in diameter, and you may need to move up a little to maybe 2" so he can hold on better with the toes he has. Also, he needs to be on natural branch perches and NOT DOWELS as the dowels are bad for their feet and legs plus are too slick to hold onto well.NEVER USE ANY OF THE CONCRETE, SAND OR PUMICE PERCHES AS THEY ARE WHY MY AMAZON IS MISSING TWO TOES. THEY DRY THE FEET OUT VERY BADLY AND WILL CAUSE TOES TO DRY UP AND FALL OFF WHICH IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ELI.

So, if you have dowels in his cage, change them for natural wood perches that are anywhere from 1" to 2" in diameter. Branch perches give their feet and legs the change in diameter they would have sitting in trees in the wild, and we have to provide this for them. You can find these perches in pet stores and/or online with the hardware already installed. Manzanita is good because it usually has a lot of changes of size in one branch. If you are going to make your own, you can find Manzanita at from a man named Rich if he is still selling it. You then would need hanger bolts, washers and wing nuts. Ask Rich about what sizes of hardware to get. He used to do them for people, so ask him about putting hardware on for you. You'll need to carefully measure inside cage dimensions or use one of the perches you already have. The washers go on the inside and outside, so add a little bulk. Just tell whoever is making them for you what your present cage width dimension is, and they should fit. It has to be exact or you'll have to have someone else re-do them if any has to be cut off, and if they end up too short, they become half perches with the same hardware on just one end.

He should be able to adjust with just one toe missing, and I suggest, if you have not already, taking him to see an Avian Vet in your driving area. New birds should always go to Avian vet because moving around makes them vulnerable to infection from all the stress, especially the younger ones and the really old ones. Make sure he is infection/parasite-free, and he'll adjust to one toe gone fine if on the right size and kind of perches.

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