Need help with Eclectus Parrot

by Wade S

Hello I have a male Eclectus parrot.

Very tamed I actually found him Christmas time last year dehydrated and very hungry. I've advertised for him but no1 come forward so I kept him as my pet.

I've never had 1 b4 I want to know what's the best toys I can give him without him chocking on it or like almost killing him self on it?

At the moment I've put him in a medium cage because I'm renovating his new 1 making it bigger and much cleaner, also how can I make him stop biting or trying to get out of his cage.... everytime I open it... Thank you

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Jun 04, 2008
Eclectus Parrot
by: Anonymous

I have just bought an Eclectus Parrot, He is very Beautiful and he is 4 months old. he was shipped to me, however I think that he might be just very scard, because he is very quiet when I go to pick him up he wants to lunge at me, so I keep saying no bite, I leave the raido on durning the day, and also when I come home I open the cage door and he will eventually come out.

I dont't know how to get him to warm up to me and not be afraid.

Mar 19, 2008
by: Dustin

if you want to get him to stop biting you have to be patient, and since you don't know where he came from you will probably never figure out the background in which he came from :( which is kinda sad for the bird...... just have a lot of patience and keep giving him love and care and maybe he will grow out of it, just make sure that you sternly tell him "no bite" when he bites you that helped me with mine well that and ignoring him for a few minutes :) but just keep at it and good job for taking this beautiful bird in

Feb 01, 2008
need help with Eclectus
by: Win

Hi Wade.
Is there a pet store close to you? I would go and ask about what kinds of toys for your Eclectus. I would think shredder toys, soft wood toys.

Fot the biting. I would perch train. Use a perch for him to step up on instead of your hand.

He also sounds like he may be cage aggressive. Not sure though. I would open the cage and walk away. See if he will come out on his own.

Is he clipped? IF not I would take him and have him clipped, it will help with the attitude.

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