Need Help

by Mark

Its Sunday and no vets are open. My 6 year old cocketiel has been acting weird. When we went to pick her up, her head started to twitch and she crash landed on the floor. SHe looks like she is having trouble with balance and she cannot land like she used to when she tries to fly. Her head just seems to be moving in a unnormal fashion. We removed her from the other bird incase she is sick, so now we are just monitoring her since we cannot do anything until tomorrow morning? We just do not know what is going on? She is still cleaning her feathers, is not on the bottom of the cage although struggles to move around, and eats but a little slower than usual. Thanks.

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Jul 06, 2009
Cockatiel sick
by: Tracie

Hello Mark, I am so sorry that this is happening with your bird. I hope you made it to the avian vet this morning. Please let us know how it all turned out and what he/she determined is wrong.

In the future, you can not depend on this forum for emergencies. Dr. B is not only a vet, but he teaches at a veterinary school, so he doesn't always get back within a day or two. He only answers non-emergency questions.

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