Need Information on Quaker Parrots!

by Ishwar Singh Kamta
(Brooklyn NewYork)

What type of seeds to get them they would eat,Fruits and Vegetables that they can eat.I have 2 Quakers what kind of cage to get them how big tall wide.My Quakers are about 2 years old.Also what kind of toys would they love to play with in their cage like bells or anything.

Thank you very much
Ishwar Kamta

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Apr 20, 2010
Need Information on Quaker Parrots!
by: Linda

Well, what I cannot figure out is WHY you have two Quaker parrots if you don't even know what to feed them or what size cage to put them in? I'll give you as much info as I can here, and suggest you buy some books and use the internet to find out more about your birds.

They need to be eating organic, high quality pellets, not seeds. Fruit and veggies are no more than 10-15% of the total diet which means very little only a few times a week. Tracie has the Harrison's pellets here, and get the ones for your size birds.

Cage for two birds needs to be very large and needs to have natural wood perches not the dowels as these hurt birds' feet. Make sure your cage wire is spaced properly for your size bird, and you can find this information anywhere you buy bird cages. As I said, cage needs to be very large for two birds, so make sure both birds can spread out their wings and flap without hitting each other, toys or cage sides.

Food right now is most important, so go ahead and get some of the Harrisons pellets as Tracie's prices and shipping are the best on the internet. Most chain pet stores do not carry healthy food for birds, so forget about them. A specialty shop dealing only with birds would probably carry the Harrisons pellets. Seeds are poor nutrition for birds and will mean they are slowly starving to death.

Both birds need to be taken to an Avian (bird) vet in your area to check them for infections as birds frequently get sick from being moved around.

Take the time to learn everything about the best way to take care of your parrots and parrots in general. Get the correct food, perches and cage. Toys need to be made for the Quaker size birds and make sure toys are not for smaller birds as there are small parts that can choke larger birds. Larger bird toys will not be played with.


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