need parrot identification site

I just got a beautiful grey parrot. It is NOT an African grey. It is, however, grey in color with a turquoise under its wings. Does anyone have any idea what it is or where there is a site that I may can identify it?

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Jul 24, 2012
parrot identification
by: Luna

that would be a Meyer's parrot. the only african parrot fitting that description. they're a member of the poicephalus family (senegal, jardines, red bellied, and cape parrots)

Jul 19, 2010
Parrot identification please
by: John Uk

Please could you tell me what type of parakeet I have.

Editor's note: Post a picture at

Jul 30, 2009
Grey bird ID
by: The Vet

Could be a Meyer?s Parrot. Does it have any yellow? How big is it? What color is the beak? How long is the tail? Can you post a picture?

Dr B

Jul 28, 2009
Need Picture
by: Linda

You will need to take and post a very clear picture of your bird before anyone is able to verify its species with any accuracy.

So, if you have a digital camera or if someone you know has one, take and post a picture of your bird. It looks like whereever you got him from or whomever you got him from would have known what kind of parrot he is.

You can also do a Google search on parrot identification and see where it takes you or you can go to a large bookstore either online or in your area and look at pictures of parrots until you see him.Once you identify him, buy a book or print out information from an online site so you know how to care for him.

If you can, post a picture, and it will make it easier to know what he is.


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