Need to find this out about my parrot ASAP

by Sheila Schoendorf
(Brookhaven, MS, USA)

Picture of my SA Eclectus Jill as she is now

Picture of my SA Eclectus Jill as she is now

Please help me on Solomon Island Eclectus parrot is having watery eyes, watery bowels, her breathing seems slow and deep and she is not eating as much ............

Now she was at my parents which they both smoke and they was having big problems with roaches and was spraying some poison for the roaches also

Please tell me what this can be as soon as you can

I am sending a picture so you can see one of her eyes there too.

Thanks alot
Sheila Schoendorf

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Oct 13, 2009
Update on my bird here

I took her to a vet today and found out she has a upper respirator tract infection and the vet told me it was caused by the bug spray and she is here at home but she has to take Baytril once a day for the infection and I have to get her started on yogurt for the waterly bowels too

She is trying to do better now thank goodness

I have her here with me now and taking care of her very well

Thank you for the message there Linda and I am very much praying that my Bill, Jill, does alot better now as soon as the medicine gets started in her system

Thanks you again;

Oct 13, 2009
by: Linda

Okay, your bird is very ill and needed to already have been taken to your Avian vet! She has been poisoned by the cigarette smoke and the bug spray may have been poisoned beyond bringing back.


Birds cannot, CANNOT be left in a home where bug spray is being spread around. They also CANNOT be around cigarette smoke as it pollutes their lungs much, much worse than it would humans. The bug spray has now circulated throughout her entire system and is being processed by the liver. Your bird may die from exposure to these toxins. I am sorry to be the one to tell you this bad news, and you should have instructed your parents in how to take care of this bird. Next time you have to leave your bird somewhere, make sure it is at an Avian vet's facility or a professional bird sitter's place where she will be taken care of.

Again, please get her to an Avian Vet quickly to see if she has permanent kidney or liver damage. They will give her some meds as she has an infection and will need to be treated. If you delay, your bird may very well die, SO PLEASE GET HER TO AN AVIAN VET AS AN EMERGENCY AS SOON AS YOU CAN GET THERE. This is NO joke, and your bird's life depends on getting her medical help immediately.

Let us know what happens with this, and I do know you have compromised your bird's health for the long term, and if she lives, she will not live as long or as happily as she could have. We ALL make mistakes, and this one is yours, so please LEARN from it. Thanks for writing.


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