needing space

by Cheryl

I have a female African grey and a mexican redhead I believe is a male, can they be caged together. Both birds are over 6 years old. Both were breeders and lost their mates. I really would like to have them join us in the living area with our other feathered friends. I have room for one more cage only.

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Apr 27, 2009
Putting birds together
by: Tracie

It really depends on the birds. If they want to live together, then that is fine. You will need to observe them closely on a play stand or something like that over a period of time to see if they get along.

If they get along, preen each other etc, then you can try putting them on top of the cage you wish for them to share. Put special treats in a dish inside the cage and see what happens from there.

If the birds climb inside the cage and eat together and get along, then keep doing that for a day or two. If they keep getting along, then shut the door on them and keep watching them for a couple of hours and see if they get along.

At all times, during the "trial", be ready to separate them so that they don't hurt each other. You might have a towel ready so that you can grab a bird without being bit.

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