Neglected Eclectus Micky

by Judy
(Warren, Ohio)



Well Micky has stopped his plucking since i got him. I've had him now 1 Month. He doesn't Scream, But he talks all day long. I love to listen to him. He does have one habit he learned And That's the F-Word. He will start saying F-ing bird, and so on. So i emailed his old owner she says her Exboyfriend cussed at him all the Time. So when i say Micky watch your mouth he will stop and Shut up for an hour or so.

But he eats so good and i really enjoy him and he will be with me forever. I just love him and so glad i got him. He still wont let you pet him and doesnt like bathe's but he will get use to it once he learns to trust. He will step up and get on my hand and talks to me. He's out of his cage everyday and really enjoys it. I will keep everyone updated from time to time. Judy

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Apr 19, 2013
he's lucky to have you!
by: Anonymous

if you give him lots of love and check with the vet he may stop plucking and grow back his feathers. thet are so sweet and loveable. you'll enjoy him for yrs 2 come. lots of fruits and veggies for this bird seeds are bad and pellets are best. best of luck!

Jan 24, 2013
by: Shelly

I have been told that a small amount of mouthwash with warm water is good to spray my African Grey with, to keep mites away. Is this safe and does it work?

Editor's note: NO, chemicals are not the answer. Contact your avian vet for something bird safe. Even air fresheners can kill your bird. Spraying with mouthwash would not only provide chemicals for it to breathe but ingest when it preens.

Jan 21, 2012
Feather plucking
by: Anonymous

Feather plucking can also be attributed to allergies- corn, soy and safflower are the most common culprits and seem to be in most parrot formulas. Try to find a food that does not contain these ingredients, or eliminate one ingredient at a time to see if it helps the plucking (which may be due to the bird feeling itchy).

"Boy-O-Boy" makes a corn-free parrot food and there must be others out there as well. If you do make a food change do so gradually and give the new food a good month or so to see if it is producing results.

Good luck with your beautiful bird- it sounds like he has found a wonderful home!

Oct 10, 2009
by: May

I have a male Eclectus Sweet Pea; He started plucking a year ago and now it seems to have become a habit. I'm not sure why he started it could have beeen when I moved his cage to paint the kitchen. I've tried Avicalm used with Featheriffic and it produces feather growth but hasn't aided in the habit of plucking. A pet shop recommended "Pluck No More" but it requires me to remove all veggies/fruit which is a major part of his diet. This concerns me that he woun't get the proper nutrition. He still chats, grooms and plays with his toys. He seems happy but just look horrible. All of his chest feathers including the down are missing. Any advise I would be willing to try. I am now going to an organic pellet diet since this species is sensitive to dye. Was feeding him Pretty Bird Eclectus. Any feedback would be welcomed.

Editor's note: You posted this as a reply instead of on our Parrot Questions as a new question so nobody will read it. Please read the plucking/feather issue articles on our Parrot Training page.

Jul 25, 2009
Parrot Rescue
by: Anonymous

Im always glad to hear of people rescueing parrots particularlly when their not as pretty from feather plucking. With out fail with love a good diet and vet care the birds seem to recover from mystery plucking. Thank you on behalf of your bird and wish you both many fine years together.

Apr 12, 2009
That birdie is lucky to have you!
by: Victoria

I can't imagine how truamatized that poor baby was! It's so sad that there are people out there who yell and neglect their pets like that. :( The poor baby was very depressed due to the fact that he plucked out his feathers. Im glad he isn't exposed to mean people anymore. I think God puts people and animals in your lives so that you learn from their experiances. You are very blessed to have found this little angel. :D

Feb 03, 2009
by: Jean G

Hi, I too have two male Eclectus who have had various levels of neglect in former homes. I also work at a bird sanctuary where there are two other plucked male Ekkies. A huge thing I have found that Eclectus benefit from is a full spectrum lamp or unfiltered sunlight. My Donald will actually fly to other birds' cages where a full spectrum light is set up just to sit under it or play under it. Ekkies photosynthesize, lol! One of the male ekkies at the sanctuary can't fly, but he will climb up other bird's cages to sit in the window when the sun is shining in. He is more interested in getting his rays than going to newly filled food bowls (the other male is all about the food bowl, though!)

Baths with plain filtered water is great too, though some of them do not like getting sprayed (however some REALLY do!). One of my males likes to take a bath in his water tub when the sunlight streams into his cage around 11am. Then he will bathe and bathe. My other Eclectus will bathe whenever I run the vacuum in the same room as his cage. A damp ekkie does not shred his feathers, so one way to limit plucking is to give him a shower first thing every morning so he has several hours to dry himself. This is also good for his feather and skin condition as well.

My very plucked male, Pilot, also likes extra heat. He enjoys having a low wattage infrared heat lamp next to his cage, or he seeks out heating vents to stand over when he walks around outside his cage. When Pilot was younger, he was abused and his new owners found he would repeat words his owner would insult him with and drill him with step ups over and over. Over time, those words went away and were replaced with the voices of his new owners. Though I've only had him a two years now, he seems to only speak in MY voice these days; I'm his third owner. His favorite thing to say when the lights go off is 'Hi Pilot'. He also says 'Step up' in my voice, but he definitely LIKES stepping up for me (for one thing, it usually means he's coming with me to get some treats!). He is more of a closet talker than Micky. Just realize Micky is a good boy and did not mean those words, and over time they will go away if no one uses them.

Nov 20, 2008
Pretty Bird
by: Anonymous

Poor bird, could just imagine what that dumb exboyfriend of his previous owner must of been yelling at him. Stupid guy. I'm happy to hear he is in a good home now.

Jul 31, 2008
My Bald Bird
by: Judy

Heres what i was told You can use 1 TBS of Apple Cider Vinager In 8 ounces of Water spray bird for 1 month soak the bird down good,, Or 1 cap full of listerine mouth wash in warm water spray for a month this worked with an african grey that was bald for 20 years. Hes fully feather not to ever pluck again. A breeder told me this. But my bird is feathering nice due to no more stress in his life. Judy

Jul 26, 2008
Great that you have him!
by: Anonymous

This is such a neat story! Thanks!!

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