Neglected Eclectus

by Judy
(Warren, Ohio)

This is Micky

This is Micky

I Take in Parrots to Try to Help them if i can, A few Weeks ago i got an E-mail From a Woman Who has This Male Eclectus,I gave her time to think about if this is what she wanted to do.

Yesterday 6/24/08 I went to get him. I couldnt believe my Eyes this poor bird was so bald, He's been like this 2 Years. She also has a very Large dog i found out has tried to eat this bird, a very large house cat that is scared of the bird.

This lady goes to college, Works has no time or business having an animal. The cage was so filty, nasty dirty cage. She paid 2,000 for this bird because the pet store tells her it will talk. So she buys him on a whim, not knowing anything about birds.

She tried to get him out of the cage he bit at her, and mine you she is afraid of this bird. I put my hand in the cage he gets right on my hand, He never tried to even bite me. He talks very well. very quiet bird. My son picks him up and so does my mom none of us have had a problem with him. He is really a Good Bird. Eats Very Well. But he wont let you pet him.

I have 9 other parrots So i very much know what im doing with them. But ive never had this kind of bird. Any help would be appreciated. And No he will not leave here. He will never be rehomed. Hes 1 of 3 ive taken in. It makes me mad when people dont research ask breeders, before they buy a bird. I do this on my own, no one helps me nor do i get any finacial help.

This bird Im hoping to stop his Plucking and Self Mutilation And get him Back to being a Bird with Feathers. I know he was stressed so bad there but so far im not seeing any more plucking. i just hope he stops.

If you can advise me please do.

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Oct 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

I saw a bird last night that a couple got from a breeder. This Eclectus has no feathers and strikes at any movement. It was extremly sad they were asking 275 for her. This bird needs love and attention. I do not understand why people get birds and then never interact with them. I am an owner of a Catalina Macaw and she is like of my kids. Eats with us hangs out and socializes. My husband has a blue and gold Macaw who gets the same attention. I really wanted to take the Eclectus but i do not know enough about the breed to beable to help it. Any comments on how you take a bird that has been neglected for 18 yrs because she was just a breeding machine. Her mate pasted away so i am sure she is very lonely. Please any advise

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