Neon plucked feathers

Hey my Macaw just plucked his feathers over night in his chest and shoulder area. He is crying a little here and there(small squock) not eating much seed is eating veggies and fruit. spoke to a friend who knows her birds got some info if anyone has a macaw and had a similar experience please help me out. He seems to just be tired and does not want to be out of his cage either. oh yeah and his poop is good color with the white but came out more like a ball of yarn in shape and kinda dry.

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Jul 23, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Linda

Your bird is physically ill, and you must get him to an Avian vet in your area as soon as possible. Nothing you described is normal behavior except for a sick bird, so please don't delay in having him checked out top to bottom.

Also, what kind of diet is he on? If he is off his feed, this is yet another symptom of illness.

He should be eating a high quality pelleted diet like Harrison's with the dark green lettuce, dark orange and yellow squash and sweet potato as snack foods at only 10% of his diet.

Once he is over whatever infection he has, you can start to wean him off seeds if he is eating them and onto the pelleted diet. All fruit and veggies need to be organic as pesticides and fertilizers all over the foods in grocery stores is by and large poison for birds and humans.

Let us know what your vet has to say, and the pellets can be found out here along with a very good birdy bread mix they make as well. Use the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor in the mix, and Tracie also has that here. All other oils that are hydrogenated are putting in dangerous oil properties.

So, he needs to go to vet, and from there, start changing him over to an organic diet.

Hope this helps you, and keep us posted on his progress.


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